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Shah Rukh Khan and Karan Johar’s My Name is Khan is on a roll. The film that has reportedly touched the life of scores of people across the globe, plans to continue with its winning streak overseas.

The original Hindi version is the No.1 grosser in the UK and it has also broken several records in the regular diaspora markets across the US. Now, Karan and Fox Star Studios will release a re-edited, two-hour long version (that’s minus 45 minutes!) in 25 countries like Germany, Poland and France between April and June, with SRK dubbing his lines in English.

Karan says, "Right from the beginning we had plans to release a fresh cut meant mainly for the non-diaspora markets in North America, Russia and certain parts of Europe. We will have a platform release in the art-house circuit. MNIK is the first global movie with the ethos meant for a world audience and Phase II was designed to take it to markets where no Bollywood film has ever been."


I'm moving around some pics, and have to reupload some of them. So, some old pictures will show up as new. They are not new pictures. Just a little heads up. :)


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