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Actor Shah Rukh Khan is rapidly losing weight. But it's not his health — it's his prosthetics make-up technique that's responsible for this sudden loss. Shah Rukh has to keep his make-up on and wear a specially-designed suit for his forthcoming movie Ra.1 for at least 8-10 hours daily during which he cannot eat or drink.

A source says, "Once on, Shah Rukh Khan can't take the make-up off throughout the day. It's so delicate that any form of pressure would damage it. If that happens then Shah Rukh would have to go through the exhaustive process of make-up again to perfect it.

I think this is an older ad, but not one I've seen. Hope you guys haven't either.

Shahid Kapoor, who idolises Shah Rukh Khan, is always gushing about the Badshah of Bollywood.

It is five months since the two actors shared a podium at an awards night. Yet, Shahid continues to talk about how SRK’s brilliance, his repartee, his larger-than-life stage presence, his thoughtfulness when it comes to dealing with someone younger — in this case himself, etc.

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